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Common Practice Workshop is a cowork space / creative collective always on the lookout for creative new members and seasonal residents.

About our space

Located in Lower Manhattan on Grand and Bowery

As a member you'll have 24/7 access to the space with high ceilings and great natural light, high speed internet, three conference rooms (two for clients and one room for calls and internal meetings), free printing with an honor-code maximum for color prints, kitchenette, bathroom, seating area, coffee, etc:

Gorgeous Historic Building

Natural Light

Quiet and Serious work environment

Creative Community


Free prints

Three conference rooms



24/7 Access

About us

Common Practice Workshop is a collective composed of designers, architects, writers, historic preservationists and a non-profit, and we are open to others! We started as a band of activist designers, working on how to make affordable space. One of our founding members, Adam Koogler, coined our name Common Practice to emphasize our goal to work for the commons and to speak to the horizonal connections between the different disciplines we work alongside.

We prefer people who are looking to stay for a while as we want a cohesive group to foster collaboration and projects but we are open to a few month-to-month members as well. We also always keep a few desks free for growth and flexibility (as well cutting architectural models, making collages, etc).

Dedicated Desk prices: 
425$/mo/desk month-to-month
400$/mo/desk annual membership

Schedule an


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